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This Non-Competion and Protection of Proprietary and Trade Secret Information Agreement is made between YOUR ORGANIZATION & M/S Apparel Merchandising Services(AMS).
AMS (Apparel Merchandising Services) provides factory with orders for manufacture of Hometextiles & Garments articles for their direct / indirect customers.
By this “Agreement” YOUR ORGANIZATION has to keep following points in consideration.

- Factory will not contact our customers directly or indirectly.

- Factory will not share the secrets / contacts of the customer with any other manufacturer unless it is asked.

- Factory will not share our product / Pricing with any one other than M/s Apparel Merchandising Services (AMS).

- Factory is responsible to maintain the quality according to the standards provided.

- Delivery date followed strictly by all means in order to avoid air shipment penalties.

- No Vendor is allowed to proceed for CMT from another Factory.

- No Factory is allowed to hire any employee that has been fired or has resigned from AMS for two (2) years in order to maintain standard of confidentiality.

INSPECTION CRITERIA: Apparel Merchandising Services official timings of QAs are 6.30 p.m. If inspection of the shipment is to be done after 6.30 p.m,
the vendor will send request to AMS and will be charged with an amount of Rs.1500 on every inspection done after 6.30 p.m.

VENDOR VISIT TIMING: All vendors are requested to visit Merchandiser for meeting in SECOND HALF. No vendor is allowed to visit in FIRST HALF.

During the Term of the Agreement and at all times set forth above, Factory hereby promises not to disclose or use, or induce or assist in the disclosure or use of, any Proprietary
Information except for the benefit of M/s Apparel Merchandising Services (AMS).

MUST FOLLOW: Prior to shipping the goods factory is bound to get the Inspection Certificate (IC) from M/S Apparel Merchandising Services (AMS) which was either signed and
issued from the below signatury. Factory is strictly not allowed to proceed for shipment without having this document.

I Agree with Terms & Conditions